Seaborn 4: Tynan of the Cove

Tynan feels like a freak.

Unable to shift to full human form like the others, he’s done his best to learn about the human world while still living with his pod.

When he decides to help rescue Fynn and Marina from Dr Shaw, his choices leave him suddenly alone.

Until he meets Dani, who is struggling to deal with her own devastating loss.

But Dr Shaw isn’t finished with Tynan yet. He is determined to capture all four of his experimental children and sell them to the highest bidder.

And he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to do so…

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Chapter One

It was almost two hours past sunset when the big Institute cruiser nosed into its berth at the Mercy Beach Harbour, the fenders squeaking against the fibreglass edging on the decking. Lights were set into low posts along the pier, sending a pale glow across the boats moored there, and the small Boat Club on the shore was lit up too. Tynan could hear loud music coming from it as he coasted to a stop beside the cruiser on the seaward side, rising to the surface and huffing a quick out-in of air. He wasn’t tired physically – he was big for an inshore bottlenose dolphin, and he could swim faster than most. And Rex had kept the cruiser to well within his top swimming speed when Fynn had told him Tynan was following them. But he was tired mentally.

A lot of things had happened in the last three days.

And Tynan had made choices he’d never even considered before, choices that would change the lives of everyone on board the cruiser.

Choices that had already changed his own life.

It was why he’d followed the boat.

He had nowhere else to go now.

::you hid your true nature:: pod-mother had said when her the last of her pod was finally safe, and Tynan had no answer to that because it was true. He’d never said anything to his pod about his human half. Even when he’d visited Howard onshore the pod had assumed he was proving his skill and strength as a loner, one of the dolphins who lived on their own for weeks at a time.

He should have guessed from what she’d said, and because she hadn’t given him a sound-picture of where the pod would be going next. He had assumed they would stay on the sea side of the island for a while and let those who’d been stranded on the beach recover a little. So he’d gone back to the humans, talked to them, eaten with them, listened to them plan. Tried to pretend he was one of them for a time and failed miserably.

And when he left them to return to his pod, the dolphins were no longer there.

He was alone by their choice this time, not his own.

He didn’t blame them – and he didn’t blame Howard or Fynn or the others either. It was the way of the sea. He’d kept a secret, a secret that had almost cost some of his pod their lives. They didn’t understand that it would never happen again. They didn’t understand that Dr Shaw, the man who had built the weapon that had messed with their magnetic sense and caused some of them to strand on the beach, would face human justice and be kept locked away and helpless for the rest of his life.

Dr Shaw.