cover, FirepowerKevin can set things on fire with his mind.

His father is a scientist. Kevin thinks he is searching for a cure for his firepower.

When he finds out the truth, he runs away.

Cathy and Dillon live next door. They know nothing about Kevin until they rescue him from the Morph, a green monster with glowing eyes.

Now Cathy and Dillon are in real trouble.

Because the Morph is determined to find them and steal Kevin’s powers, no matter what.

But is the Morph the bad guy? Or is there another reason the Morph is after Kevin?

ebook $2.99
paperback $4.99
ISBN: 978-1-4792-0484-7

Chapter One

‘Homework’s all done,’ sang Cathy, pushing off from the power pole on the corner of their street and speeding along the parking lane on her rollerblades. ‘Gunna have some fun, doin’ another run… Dillon! Watch it!’

‘Sorry.’ Dillon passed her with centimetres to spare, wobbling as he fought to keep his balance.

‘Lookin’ kinda dumb,’ Cathy finished, annoyed. She spun to a stop in front of their house. Sometimes it was hard to believe that she and Dillon were twins – and that he was twelve minutes older than she was. He was booky and shy and klutzy… and Cathy wasn’t. Look at him, she thought, watching as Dillon reached the end of the street and did a wobbly turn with the help of the power pole. He’s got as much balance as a one-legged chair. She sighed and pushed off with her toes, gliding along the asphalt, and keeping to the other side of the road just in case as Dillon veered from side to side. ‘Wait for it…’ she muttered.

Dillon skidded. One of his legs shot out from under him and his arms windmilled like the Road Runner’s legs. His foot hit the curb and he smacked the ground hard with his back. ‘Whoof!’ he grunted.

Cathy bladed across and bunny-hopped onto the grass. ‘You okay?’ she asked, kneeling beside him. She grabbed his arms and pulled him up so he was sitting.

‘Yeah,’ he gasped. ‘Gotta move… Mad Scientist’ll get us…’

Cathy glanced across at the house behind him. In a short street where everyone’s yard was fairly neat – mowed lawn, flowers or trees – the Mad Scientist’s place stuck out like a sore thumb. It was overgrown, messy, with its windows blinded by curtains that were never opened.

Cathy’s eyes widened.

‘Dill.’ She kept her voice low. ‘Turn round quick and look. Window on the left.’

Dillon yanked his body around and stared. As he did, the partly-open curtain over the far left window was jerked shut.

‘No way,’ Dillon whispered. ‘Was that…?’

Cathy nodded. ‘There’s a kid in there.’ She shivered. ‘The Mad Scientist’s got a kid.’

‘Thing is,’ Dillon added darkly, ‘what’s he going to do with him?’